Roberto Velazquez

Senior HR Consultant/International Labor Relations & Employment Law

Roberto’s professional business management and Human Resources experience spans over twenty-five years within a variety of industries.  Roberto worked with companies such as the Marriott Corporation, Southland Corporation, Sky Chefs (a division of American Airlines), Kraco, Maxon, and Mission Foods, holding both Director and Vice President positions. Experienced in managing international and multicultural workforces, Roberto is an expert in diversity issues and programs.  With international HR experience, Roberto has worked in a variety of countries to include Canada, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain and of course, the U.S.  
As a labor relations expert, Roberto has negotiated over 37 labor contracts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Spain, and Portugal with the Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union, the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers Union, The Steel Workers Union, Sindicato SANTAS in Mexico and the Communist Party Labor Union in Spain.   Fluent in Spanish, Roberto is certified to conduct sexual harassment training and is extremely proficient in conducting investigations of harassment and/or discrimination. 
Roberto’s education and training includes the Principles of Negotiations from the Harvard Law School Negotiating Project, the Principles of Total Quality Programs from the Jurand Institute of Quality Assurance and Executive Leadership Program from the Center for Creative Leadership, to name a few.  Roberto holds a Bachelor’s and Juris Doctor’s degree.