Benefits & Compensation Surveys

HR best practice includes an at minimum bi-annual compensation survey to analyze, examine, and study your organization's wage and overall compensation package which would include your employee benefits.

Since 2003, Executive HR Consulting Group has been providing their clients with the information they need to intelligently evaluate their largest expense - compensation.  By having accurate, useful data on the compensation structure in a competitive labor market, management professionals can effectively consider industry trends and find opportunities for cost containment, reduction of turnover, improved budget analysis, and more successful recruitment efforts.  Information is specific, yet presented in a manner that maintains the strictest confidentiality for all participants. 


                                                                             2022 SURVEY CALENDAR & TIMELINE


Invitations to participate sent 2/1/2022
Data due back to ECG by 2/19/2022
Results returned Late February

ARIZONA - Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tucson

Invitations to participate sent 3/1/2022
Data due back to ECG by 3/11/2022
Results returned Late March


Invitations to participate sent 4/5/2022
Data due back to ECG by 4/16/2022
Results returned Late April

CALIFORNIA - Monterey/Carmel

Invitations to participate sent 4/25/2022
Data due back to ECG by 5/6/2022
Results returned Mid May

US Nationwide - Resort Employee Relations Group (RERG)

Closed Survey - For RERG members only
Invitations to participate TBD
Data due back to ECG by TBD
Results returned TBD

GEORGIA, Atlanta

Invitations to participants sent 5/23/2022
Data due back to ECG by 6/3/2022
Results returned Early June


Invitations to participants sent 6/13/2022
Data due back to ECG by 6/24/2022
Results returned Early July


Invitations to participants sent 7/11/2022
Data due back to ECG by 7/22/2022
Results returned Early August


Our surveys are presented in a manner that maintains the strictest confidentiality for all participants.  The hourly and exempt data is returned to participants in an excel file format, in order for participants to view comparison of data within their specific locations.  The survey results reports include: 

  • General Findings Report (rooms, employees, ratios, banquet service charge splits, turnover & other relevant data collected)
  • Overall Statistical Report for entire group – Non-Exempt Positions
  • Overall Statistical Report for entire group – Exempt Positions
  • Benefits Information (H&W, co-pays, PTO, Insurances, etc.)
  • Analysis by Geographic Region for the larger surveys
  • Analysis by Luxury and Larger Hotels
  • Participant List by Region/Zone

The Southern California survey zones are:

  1. Beaches and LAX Areas
  2. West Side & Beverly Hills Areas
  3. Downtown Los Angeles/Valleys/Surrounding Areas
  4. San Diego and Orange Counties
  5. Santa Barbara and surrounding Areas
  6. Palm Springs/Desert Areas

Testimonial:  "This is Possibly the Best Wage Survey Available".....  A Palm Springs Client