Employee Relations

Good employee relations reduces turnover and increases productivity, teamwork, collaboration, and employee loyalty. The key is to increase communication, be it through annual performance evaluations, employee opinion surveys, or employee focus groups. This will engage your employees, making them feel part of your company's success and making it easier to resolve conflicts and implement sound HR practices.

Executive HR Consulting Group helps you build and maintain good employee relations through a variety of services, including:

Employee focus groups

Employees often share their feelings with a third party more readily than with your management team. We play the role of facilitator. We listen and mediate issues, allowing your employees to craft solutions to real or perceived problems.

Investigations of Alleged Harassment and/or Discrimination

It is the employer's responsibility to fully investigate any allegations of harassment or discrimination. As a third party, we conduct fair and impartial investigations; our work is swift yet thorough. We work hand-in-hand with our clients' HR departments and employment attorneys when needed. Our comprehensive final investigation reports include background information, summaries of interviews, findings, and recommendations.

Incentive programs

Maintaining employee morale is important, especially in difficult economic times. Incentive programs are an excellent way to retain great employees, and the increased productivity and decreased turnover they create actually save employer's money. It is also important to compare your incentive plan with those of your competitors. Do they offer incentive plans? If so, what do they include? We assist you in determining the best incentive programs for your company and your employees.

Employee recognition programs

How do you promote employee excellence to your employees and clients? Do you have an "Employee of the Month" or a "Manager of the Quarter"? Public recognition, and a professional portrait displayed in the workplace, is a great way to provide recognition that builds motivation and loyalty.

ECG works closely with Harvey Branman, Principal with "Photography As An Art". Mr. Branman can be reached at 818-954-9294 or via email at Info@HarveyBranman.com.

Gift programs

ECG provides you with a simple, cost-effective solution to show appreciation and help build strong, lasting relationships with employees, customers and business associates.

Through our Employee Relations Gift Program, ECG helps owners and HR Managers give thoughtful gifts which delight their recipients and create lasting memories. The right combination of rewards, recognition, and incentives are the best way to help businesses: motivate employees, inspire the "right" performance, increase sales, and grow/retain their customer base.

Business gifts and incentives can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Years of service awards
  • Perfect attendance awards
  • Sales and productivity incentives
  • Safety awards
  • Loyal customer rewards
  • New customer incentives
  • Holiday appreciation gifts for employees and customers

ECG's Gift Program leverages all the benefits of a "gift card", but also includes making the experience more personal.The amount spent is not known, there is no additional cost and, more importantly, it gives over four times more value!

To learn more about this exciting program to enhance your company's gift and incentive needs, please contact us at info@ExecutiveHRConsulting.com.