Engagement Surveys - English & Spanish

Employee Opinion Surveys

Many buzz words are used for this tool – Opinion surveys, Engagement surveys or Satisfaction surveys. The point being: “Engage your employees in your business” by asking them for their opinions and feedback. Drive your business to success by creating an engaged, happy and loyal workforce.

Employee engagement survey tools give you the intelligence you need to discover areas needing improvement; act upon these areas and ultimately instill employee commitment and loyalty. What does this mean for you? It means happy employees, repeat business and a successful enterprise.

Customized Survey Forms
Survey forms touch upon work place practices, supervisors/managers, policies, safety, recognition and overall employee satisfaction in a variety of topics.  We then customize the survey forms to touch upon additional questions that are important to your business.  All survey forms are customized with your logo and brand colors.

Administration of Survey Options
Our Consultants administer the survey process directly at your location, or, survey forms are sent to you in soft copy, for your HR department's administration.  We walk you through all steps that need to be taken prior, during and after the survey process.

Tally of Survey Results
Our results are tabulated in "percentages of favorability" in all categories, and are broken down by department or division; whichever breakdown makes sense for your Company.

The Results
The results are shared in soft and hard copies with the Executive Leadership team in a PPT presentation.  Individual anonymous employee comments are typed and shared with leadership during the "results meeting". 

Sharing the Results with the Employees
If so desired, we prepare a power point presentation of the survey results, and facilitate survey results communication to your employee population.  You also have the option of brining it a step further, by having one of our Consultants facilitate your Employee Focus Groups to address those less favorable responses, and help guide them in finding the root of the issue, and then solutions to their real or percieved problems.   ECG Consultants provide expert advice to help you increase your employees' morale, increase work performance and reduce that hidden cost: "turnover".

Year over year, you will be able to measure your progress and view survey results in percentages of favorability.

We help strengthen your employee base by engaging your employees; soliciting their feedback, and taking action accordingly.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Repeat Business = Company Success