HR Administration

Organization and knowledge are key to the HR administration process. Executive HR Consulting can organize your HR office administration and train your staff to adhere to all compliance requirements via tracking and HRIS systems. Our professional consultants can also step in and manage your HR function while your permanent manager is on disability or an extended vacation. And for the hospitality industry, our partnership with Hospitality Task Force can provide you with temporary hotel management staff, as well.

HR Office Setup and Administration

ECG can set up your entire HR function and train your designated representative to maintain an organized and compliant HR office, including personnel files, tracking systems and HRIS.

Temporary Staffing

Is your HR Director or Manager on leave and you need a professional to cover their responsibilities? Our team of dedicated HR professionals can "fill in" while your full-time HR representative is unavailable.

We can also provide coverage for a variety of central positions in the hospitality industry. We have partnered with one of the nation's leading temporary staffing companies, providing hospitality staff on a "taskforce" or "project" basis. Our partners are highly experienced in the industry and can provide you with the exact person, with the exact skills, that you need. Positions include Hotel General Manager, Director of Sales & Marketing, Revenue/Reservations Manager, and Restaurant Managers.

Executive HR Consulting is always there to assist you when you have urgent staffing needs. We can help you maintain a high level of efficiency and productivity by providing you with exceptionally well-trained and highly competent professionals on an "as needed" basis.

HR Organization & Tracking Systems

We will organize your HR office and paperwork, making sure you are fully compliant with all record-keeping regulations. For example, did you know that I-9 forms and employee health records must be kept separate from employees' personnel files? We also assist you in developing easy to administer tracking systems that will help you stay organized and in compliance.

HR Administrative Forms

Did you know that a simple employment application can be a liability if it contains inappropriate questions? Executive HR Consulting Group will ensure your HR forms are compliant, reducing your potential legal liabilities due to incorrect forms.

Employee Personnel Files

Our employee personnel files make it easy for you to stay compliant, and manage your records efficiently and effectively. Separate sections are kept for vacation forms, sick time request forms, signed employee new hire forms with discipline and employment history logs, and more. All this information will be available right at your fingertips.