Labor Relations

Labor Relations deals with the legal relationship between employees and management. It includes compliance with labor laws, such as the FMLA, Wage & Hour Laws, ADA, CFRA, HIPPA, COBRA, OSHA and more. It also involves the relationship between management and union representatives, union activities, grievance procedures, contract interpretation/negotiation, mediations, arbitrations and more.

Executive HR Consulting Group helps you ensure secure labor relations by providing the following services:

Labor management and compliance

Our nation's complex regulatory systems provide a gold mine for meritless lawsuits. We provide sound recommendations to ensure companies maintain issue-free workplace environments, and are in compliance with all State and Federal laws.

HR Audits and Assessments

HR audits make sure your management policies are compliant with the continually growing list of laws and regulations governing the employment relationship. Over the years, older HR policies may conflict with newer employment laws and regulations, so regular audits are an important component of remaining compliant and protected from potential litigation.

Depending on the number of employees, an HR Audit can take anywhere from one to five days. The audit considers all HR practices, including wage and hour accuracy and a random audit of your active employees' I-9 documents. We also review the employee handbook to ensure your policies are up to date as required by law.

Most lawsuits can be traced to four distinct stages of the employment relationship: hiring practices, termination, employee discipline, and harassment. Our HR audits target all these areas. Employers are provided with a full HR Audit report, including findings and recommendations.

Policies & Procedures

Businesses should establish sound policies and procedures, and should communicate these policies clearly and concisely to the staff. According to the law, and under certain conditions, policies may either be required or recommended. ECG helps you establish policies that are both compliant with the law and considered best practice.

Employee Handbooks

We save you time and money by providing you with updated employee handbooks, including your company policies, prior to the handbook being reviewed by a legal professional. The employee handbook should always include a harassment policy, an employment at will clause, an arbitration agreement as well as a confidentiality agreement, and other policies.

Position Descriptions

Position descriptions must be written in a fashion to comply with State and Federal laws, as well as be ADA compliant, outlining the essential functions of the job. Position descriptions should be up to date and preferably signed by each of your employees.

Hiring and Termination Practices

ECG helps you minimize your liability by ensuring that your hiring and termination practices are done correctly. Employers may face fines and potential lawsuits if their hiring and termination practices are not fair, consistent, and within the guidelines of their State laws.

Homeland Security and the I-9 Form (legal right to work in the U.S.)

Gathering a new hire's required paperwork for the completion of the I-9 form is not the only thing that is required by law. The administration of the I-9's and the manner in which the form is completed also holds its own liability. Incomplete or incorrect forms may impose heavy fines (at times up to $1,000.00 per administrative error) on the employer if audited by Homeland Security.

Labor Law Compliance

ECG helps you remain up-to-date on continuously changing labor laws. Understanding such changes is crucial for limiting your liability with regards to laws such as the FLMA, COBRA, Wage & Hour Laws, etc.