Workers Compensation

All employers, regardless of size, are required to have workers compensation insurance, a safety policy, and an IIPP (Injury & Illness Prevention Program). A safe working environment will decrease your workers compensation premiums and increase your employee productivity and morale. Managing your open claims and "closing" those claims is the key to reduction in workers compensation premiums.

Occupational Safety and Workers Compensation

Executive HR Consulting Group is pleased to partner with one of the nation's leading occupational safety specialists, Best Performance Systems. The firm's principal, Dr Barry Carlin, has developed a unique, integrated system that is guaranteed to reduce injuries and increase work performance and productivity.

Since 1992, Best Performance Systems has maintained a 100% success rate and has provided their clients with 50% - 94% reduction in occupational injuries. Their results are immediate and sustainable. For example, one of our clients reduced their cost of occupational injuries from $800,000 per year to $35,000 per year, and has held that level for four years thus far. Another client reduced their costs from $3 Million to $1.3 Million in one year, as well as reducing their waste & rework costs from $6 Million to $2 Million.

Safety Topics

ECG can provide you with monthly or quarterly "Safety Topics" to discuss with, and train, your staff. These safety topics are extremely valuable for your Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

Safety Incentive and Rewards

You can reduce workers compensation claims by rewarding your employees when "lost time injuries" are low. A great way to keep employees motivated and to keep claims down is to reward them through our Gift Program.