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Hospitality Taskforce

ECG has partnered with "Hospitality Taskforce", an agency providing temporary management staffing services for hotels.  Hospitality Task Force provides our hospitality clients with a network of highly qualified professionals in the areas of hotel operations (such as F&B, Rooms including Housekeeping), Purchasing, Finance, etc.) on a "temporary taskforce" basis. For more information, please email us at, or contact Mr. Tony DiRaimondo directly at 213-820-3811; and please don't forget to mention Executive HR Consulting Group when contacting Mr. DiRaimondo!

Hospitality Industry 2020 Benefits & Compensation Calendar/Timeline

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Calendar/Timeline for all Hospitality Industry Benefits & Compensation Survey Processing has been changed



This year, 78 hotels participated in the survey, representing 28,716 guest rooms and a total of 27,345 employees.
Results are avaialble for purchase to "Non-Participants".  For information, please email

Invitations to participate were sent 2/3/2020
Survey results were returned to each participant early March 2020

ARIZONA - Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tucson

Invitations to participate sent 3/16/2020
Data due back to ECG by 4/3/2020
Results returned mid April 2020


Invitations to participate sent out 4/13/2020
Data due back to ECG by 4/24/2020
Results returned early May 2020

CALIFORNIA - Monterey/Carmel

Invitations to participate sent out 5/4/2020
Data due back to ECG by 5/22/2020
Results returned early June 2020

GEORGIA - Atlanta

Invitations to participants sent out 6/1/2020
Data due back to ECG by 6/12/2020
Results returned late June 2020


Invitations to participants sent out 6/22/2020
Data due back to ECG by 7/3/2020
Results returned mid July 20209


Invitations to participants sent out 7/13/2020
Data due back to ECG by 7/17/2020
Results returned early August 2020

ECG's Employee Integrity Hotline

Offer your employees a venue to share any issues/problems they may have via our "Confidential" HR Integrity Hotline.  Cost of maintanance of the toll free number is $150 per calendar quarter; other charges are based on "usage" only. 

These services include:

  • Customized communication piece/notice, announcing the toll-free line to employees.  We work closely with your Company’s HR Director or management representative to craft these communication pieces;


  • Provide a Toll-Free hotline phone number;


  • Answer the toll-free call immediately, or, return the phone call promptly within 24 hours of message receipt, including weekends in case of emergencies;


  • Listen to the employee and provide him/her with reassurance that the matter will be addressed immediately, and if so desired, in a confidential/anonymous manner;


  • Dependent upon the matter relayed to ECG, ask the employee for additional detailed information, including but not limited to names of witnesses, date and time of occurrence and any other relevant information required;


  • Document the matter in written format;


  • Circle back with either the Company’s HR Director or management representative dependent upon on the matter at hand; email the documented  matter form back to the Company and follow up via phone.

For More information, email or call 818-845-5584.


COVID-19 Update - FAQ's

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Which Laws Apply to Your Company?

Make sure you read our blog on this subject!  Find out which laws would apply to your company, according to the number of employees you have on payroll.
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