Building a strong HR foundation

Mon Dec 03 2018

Limit your liability by building a strong HR foundation, which includes your employee handbook, company policies, and HR Best Practices. Protect your organization by making sure all your policies are well established and put into effect. By compiling a thorough and comprehensive employee handbook, you will have the tools necessary to defend yourself against any potential litigated claims. Implementing the right policies and HR best practices can help increase employee relations as well as your bottom line.

The number of employees on your payroll will determine which laws apply to you. Several employment laws are only mandatory if you have a certain number of employees in your company. For instance, once an employer meets the 50-employee mark, the Family Medical Leave Act goes into effect. While companies can still implement these acts as best practices, it’s not a requirement, and not recommended.

Make sure you are consistent in the application of your policies. Employers must fully understand the criteria behind each and every policy and make sure that both employees and management abide by them. Doing so can ensure that your business runs smoothly and that little to no issues arise. Policies that do not make sense, or policies that are inconsistently applied, can lead to employee dissatisfaction, and potentially litigated claims.

Make sure you have the appropriate insurance, and specifically, EPLI (Employer Practice Liability Insurance). EPLI protects employers against various types of employee lawsuits. In order to protect your bottom line and your organization, a sound insurance policy can really go a long way when it comes to facing litigation. Whether the disputes arise from wrongful terminations or matters of discrimination, an EPLI insurance policy can cover most legal costs.

We work with our clients to establish the correct policies that work for them; incorporating their culture, mission, and vision. Every company has a unique atmosphere and culture which is shared with their employees. By taking the time to learn about your company’s culture and mission, we can help you establish sound policies that work for your company and for your employees.