Establishing a sound employee attendance policy

Mon Apr 22 2019

Have a sound attendance policy included in your employee handbook. Attendance and punctuality is an important aspect of work and can determine your employee’s productivity and commitment. By establishing a comprehensive and easy to understand attendance policy, employees know what expectations are required and can be held accountable if these requirements are not met. Include your policy within your employee handbook so employees can refer to the policy if they have any questions or need clarification. The policy should include what notifications are required if any employee is to be late or absent, as well as what would be the consequences if the policy is not adhered to. Consequences could include notes to the employee file and progressive discipline.

Policy should be applied consistently to all employees alike. Make sure your attendance policy applies to all employees, regardless of rank or position. By setting these ground rules and policies, no special treatment can be granted to any specific employee. Create equality within the workplace by setting clear attendance expectations for all employees.

Have one person in your management team (HR preferably) manage the attendance process so that this person sees ALL infractions throughout the company. Keep employee attendance organized by assigning it’s management to someone on your management team. This allows them to keep track of which employees are late or have failed to report to work. Assigning attendance to one individual also allows them to see and administer the policy equally to all employees alike.

We'll make sure your employee handbook includes a clear attendance policy, as well as other HR best practices. We can help you craft a comprehensive attendance policy, customized to your business. We can also help implement your new policy by effectively communicating it to your employees directly, if you wish. Our HR Consultants can help your management team in introducing a variety of HR best practices to ensure your business is in compliance with employment law; and best practices to protect your company against potential litigation.

We can craft a custom attendance policy that meets your company needs and follows your company’s culture. Certain companies are flexible with their attendance policy while others prefer more strict procedures. At ECG, we work with your management team directly and provide a personalized attendance policy that addresses all of your requirements. By clearly defining the terms of the policy, your company can avoid potential complications when it comes to attendance.