Hospitality Industry - Benefits & Compensation Survey "2022 Calendar"

Tue Nov 02 2021

We are excited to share with you our 2022, Hospitality Industry Benefits & Compensation Calendar.  

Mark  your Calendars!  Invitations to our Southern California survey will be sent out via email on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 - We look forward to your participation.  Any questions?  Contact, or call 818-845-5584, Extension 2.

Southern California 
Invitations sent 2/1/22
Data due 2/18/22
Results returned Late February

Arizona - Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson
Invitations sent 3/1/22
Data due 3/11/22
Results returned Late March

California - Palo Alto
Invitations sent 4/4/22
Data due 4/15/22
Results returned Late April

California - Monterey/Carmel
Invitations sent 4/25/22
Data due 5/6/22
Results returned Mid May

Georgia - Atlanta
Invitations sent 5/23/22
Data due 6/3/22
Results returned Early June

California - Lake Tahoe
Invitations sent 6/13/22
Data due 6/24/22
Results returned Early July

District of Columbia - Washington DC
Invitations sent 7/11/22
Data due 7/22/22
Results returned Early August