How to Motivate Employees Working from Home

Mon Aug 17 2020

Times have changed, and many employees are now working remotely from home.  But how do we motivate those employees when their manager or supervisor are so far away?
Making sure that your employees have the correct tools and equipment to do their job is essential.  A computer, internet access, a phone (perhaps a cell phone), good lighting, a comfortable chair…  you get the picture.  Tools are the #1 essential items to make sure your employees are motivated and happy to work from home.  Circumstances at home may be a bit difficult, like child-care needs, interruptions, etc… But if the equipment is not there, or if the equipment is not working properly, then it gets even harder.
Establishing remote protocols is another thing.  Many employees have a difficult time with their schedules when working from home.  Therefore, make sure you establish daily check ins with them.  One in the morning for sure, and then one at the end of each day.  This will allow you to remotely supervise their work, to ensure that they are productive working from home.  If not, then there needs to be a conversation with that employee.
Encourage your employee to create a “dedicated workspace” at their home.  The end of a dining table, the kitchen; a desk in the bedroom…  wherever.  It doesn’t matter.  But it should be dedicated as opposed to running around their home with their laptop everywhere.
Listen to your employees and make sure you provide them with both the operational and emotional support they need during these difficult times. 
A once a week, or once a month “Social Zoom Hour”, where employees can get together online and discuss what’s going on in their lives in another way to increase morale while working from home.  Until Covid-19 is completely behind us, everyone is having difficulties managing or coping.  You and or their co-workers may have thoughts on how to better handle things and may offer solutions!    
In essence communication is the best thing to do.  Not emails – Not texts, but phone calls.  Listen to your employees’ voices and evaluate both their tone of voice, and emotional well-being.
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Be Well and Stay Safe!