How We Work: Sound Guidance

Sun Apr 07 2019

At Executive HR Consulting Group, one of our main priorities is to ensure our clients are compliant with all employment laws and legislation. Employees have many fundamental rights that must be adhered to in every work environment, otherwise legal action can be taken and substantial penalties or fines may be imposed onto the employer.

Is your business compliant with all the laws? We start the process by reviewing your current employee practices to ensure your company is completely compliant with all of the employment labor laws. Then, according to your employee population size, we check which laws apply to you and create or update your employee handbook. We will help you understand your company’s specific legislative obligations and governmental requirements.

We establish sound policies and procedures. The second step in our process is to evaluate and update any of your current HR practices. We specialize in employment law, employee relations, learning & development, and “all things HR” related. We use our extensive experience to reshape your existing procedures using proven HR best practices. This will give your company a strong HR foundation for future growth and compliance.

We provide you with all the HR tools you’ll need. We want to make sure your business has all of the HR tools it needs to be successful. In doing so, we help business owners implement various different local, state, and federal regulations that govern employee’s rights in the workplace. We provide HR audits which make sure your management policies are compliant with the current employment laws and regulations. During the audit process, we target distinct stages of the employment relationship: hiring and termination practices, Immigration (I-9), mandated harassment training for both hourly and management employees and overall all HR best practices, just to name a few. We generate and provide you with a full written report indicating our findings and recommendations for the future.

Please call us to schedule your comprehensive HR audit today.