HR Compliance vs. HR Best Practices

Fri Sep 03 2021

Compliance with Employment Law is required: HR best practices are not. Employment and labor laws include both federal and state laws. Federal laws are overseen by the U.S. Department of Labor and apply to all organizations whereas each state has their own set of laws that companies are required to abide by. Best practices, although not required, are helpful methods and techniques that bring quality results to the workplace. Consistent use of “HR best practices” negates favoritism and can avoid costly litigations of discrimination.

Exercising HR best practices, even if not legally required, can save you from litigation. Best practices are sound procedures that can maximize productivity, retain employees, and help employers avoid potential employee lawsuits. Aside from the necessary regulations, best practices provide additional strategic plans that ensure companies improve services for their employees.

HR best practices are available in all aspects of HR. There’s an HR best practice that can be implemented in every area of human resources. Whether it’s providing employees with recognition and awards, tracking of candidate applications or organizing employee focus groups, there’s a best practice available that can help establish consistent application of the company’s policies & procedures, thus creating a healthy working environment for both employees and management.
We will make sure your HR procedures are fully compliant; HR best practices can save you when in a litigation process. Through clear communication, you can increase employee relations in the workplace. Strengthen employee relationships by offering competitive compensation and benefit plans, training and development, a strong supportive working environment, and employee feedback.

We’ll advise you on HR best practice, strengthening your business and protecting you against litigation. Depending on your type of business or organization, we can help offer unique best practices that will work for your company. We take into consideration a variety of factors, some of which include the size of your company, the demographic makeup, location, and the resources available. At Executive HR Consulting we establish certain policies and procedures for your company that comply with the law and bring quality results to your bottom line.