The importance of Employee Focus Groups after administering an Employee Engagement Survey

Sun Jul 07 2019

Gather ideas and feedback from employees. Employee Focus Groups allow company management to gather ideas from employees in regards to the effectiveness of their current policies and procedures. The focus groups are often conducted after employees complete an employee opinion survey. Focus Groups are the next steps taken to ensuring that employees’ concerns are resolved.

Act upon the results. Employee opinion surveys should be followed up with an effective method for addressing and resolving the concerns that were identified during the survey process. In the employee focus groups, employees have the opportunity to provide both insights about their experience with the company as well as constructive feedback. Using the survey results, management can identify what areas need improvement and work with the employees together, in finding appropriate solutions to solve any work-related issues.

Employee Focus Groups make employees part of the process. Management and employees can collaborate to discuss new ideas on improving both the work environment and the business’s success. After all, employees are part of the company and can have useful advice and feedback as to what changes can help increase work productivity and future company growth. At Executive HR Consulting Group, we take on the role of facilitator and listen to the issues that employees experience in the work environment; allowing employees to find the root cause of the real or perceived problem; and then assist employees to identify possible solutions.

Repeat the same questions year after year. Craft your survey questions well, and make sure to ask the same questions each year, so you can track your company’s progress. You can add additional questions to the survey form as things within your business change, but every year should include questions asking your employees about workplace practices, the working environment, and questions regarding their thoughts on management and supervisors.

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