The importance of employee recognition programs

Mon Feb 03 2014

Happy employees make for happy clients and/or guests. The happier your employees are, the better they are going to interact with all of the clients that they encounter. Because of this, maintaining a roster of happy employees is a sound business strategy. Research shows that businesses where employees are happiest are often the most successful. Employee recognition programs are a great way to incentivize good work while also showing your employees that they are valued and that they are an integral part of your team. Besides providing happier customers, there are a couple of other great benefits to providing these programs.

Reduce turnover and possible third-party interventions, such as union activities. Happy employees are employees who feel no need to seek out other employment. Employee recognition programs help keep employees satisfied in their jobs and help reduce the chances that they will turn to third parties to fight for changes in their working conditions.

Instill loyalty and dedication. Employees who feel appreciated by management are more likely to be loyal to them. This typically translates into a higher quality of work and dedication to the job. Dedicated employees are great employees, and simply recognizing the amount of hard work that your workers commit to can make a big difference in how they view both you and their jobs.

Include employee relation activities within your budget. Good employee relations is key to any business, and can change the way that your workers do their jobs. Make sure that there is a place in your budget for activities such as team-building exercises, employee recognition banquets or luncheons, or other employee relations events. It can make a big difference in morale and can therefore make a big difference in decreasing your turnover rates. Remember that your employees are your greatest assets; make sure that you are doing as much as you can to make your workplace somewhere your employees want to be – somewhere where they can thrive and grow.

Provide public or personal praise for excellent work performance. When you have employees who go above and beyond to make the workplace more effective or create a better customer/guest experience, it is important to provide them with recognition. Whether you decide to hold an awards ceremony or simply take the time to let employees know when they are doing a great job, it can make a positive impact. Catch someone! Create an opportunity to recognize when performance is great and you will find that not only will your employees feel better about their jobs, but they will work harder to keep exceeding your expectations.

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