Management Training 101

Mon Jun 10 2019

Management Training 101 covers supervisory and management skills for both new and experienced supervisors. This workshop is an overall view of the managers’ responsibilities vis a vis their employees, and your company’s policies.

The productivity and success of your business correlates with the satisfaction and happiness of your employees, therefore it’s important to ensure that your supervisors are properly trained and prepared to manage the business. This training course will teach supervisors and the management team to effectively deal with complaints and conflicts at work.

You will learn how to exercise good employee relations. A management training course for both new and experienced supervisors will offer them strategies for practicing effective employee relations. With proper feedback and healthy communication, employees can become more productive and satisfied, and be less inclined to leave their jobs.

Avoid employee complaints of harassment or discrimination. Gaining full knowledge of practices and procedures related to the role of a manager, employers will be able to handle various work-related issues. With proper training, supervisors and managers will learn how to prevent issues at work from occurring but will also be prepared to take appropriate action when cases of sexual harassment and discrimination are presented.

Management Training 101 helps your managers understand their responsibilities as it relates to wage & hour laws, sexual harassment, coaching, discipline, communication, and attendance. We provide a wide variety of more in depth courses which will offer a complete training solution to brush up the supervisory and management skills as well as human resource responsibilities. Choose the courses that best suit your business and management training needs.

Follow up with refresher classes to maintain good practices. Once you have completed the basic management training courses, it’s important to follow up with refresher courses from time to time to ensure that the information is relevant and up-to-date. Refresher courses are great ways to inform supervisors of the implementation of new laws, policies and procedures as well as reminding them of previous best practices in the workplace.

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