Requirements for Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Sun Aug 18 2019

All employers, regardless of size, must have workers compensation insurance - it's the law. This mandatory insurance is used to cover medical costs and part of lost wages for employees who become injured or ill while at work. While several federal and state laws depend on the number of employees in the company, workers compensation is required, regardless of the number of employees in your company.

WC insurance covers all work related injuries and is a benefit to both the employee and the employer. In the event that your employee gets injured or ill at work, workers compensation insurance can help pay for their treatment and medical costs. Medical benefits may include a doctor’s visit, physical therapy, prescriptions, lab test, x-rays, etc. Employers, in return, gain protection from injured employees who are out to file lawsuits.

HR Best Practice - - - Make sure that you document the injury via an "Incident Report" form. Indicate date, time, place, and the names and statements of any witnesses that saw the incident occur. Complete an internal document called “Injury Report Form”, as soon as the injury or illness is reported, or observed. Completing an incident report as soon as the accident occurs can help all parties accurately depict the incident that occurred. Documentation can include statements by the employee, by the employer and any witnesses that observed the incident. Don’t delay!

Make sure that you and your employee both complete the DWC1 form - It's the law. Make sure you have made arrangements with the closest emergency clinic to provide you assistance with any of your work-related injuries. To make use of the workers’ compensation benefits, both employers and employees need to complete the DWC1 form. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, employees should be provided a local emergency clinic where they can get evaluated.

Make sure your employees know that they are to report injuries "right away" - If they fail to do so, it may be more difficult after the fact, to remember when it occurred, how it occurred, and witnesses may have vanished. Urge your employees to report any work-related injuries and/or illness right away in order to avoid any problems with the claim. The more they wait to file a claim, the less accurate the information may become. Providing accurate details and information are key to best manage your WC claims.