Safety tip: how to properly lift

Sun Feb 09 2014

Proper lifting is an essential part of many different jobs. Whether you manage a factory, a restaurant, or any other business, at some point, employees are likely to be asked to lift heavy items. Making sure that they are lifting properly can reduce the risk of injury and even make lifting easier.

Bend your knees and get assistance with lifting heavy objects. This is an important procedure to teach your employees. While many people take it upon themselves to lift items for the sake of saving time, it is important that employees know when it’s beneficial to have a lifting partner. Likewise, make sure they understand that they need to bend their knees and lift with their legs, rather than with their backs, which can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Lifting injuries incur lost time and will increase your workers' compensation premiums. Lifting injuries are not uncommon, even in office environments, and they can be problematic for HR and management. Compliance with proper lifting practices can help ensure that you are not losing your best employees due to lifting injuries and it can also play a big role in keeping your workers' compensation premiums down. An injured back can be a costly and dangerous injury, and it is always better to be safe than sorry, both from a physical and financial standpoint.

Be known as a "safe employer" by promoting proper techniques. Employees are more likely to be happier when they feel like their safety and happiness matter to their employers, and presenting yourself as a safe employer lets your employees know that their well-being matters to you. Show employees how to properly lift, put up posters that highlight proper lifting techniques, or show a safety video.

Organize safety training, and establish a safety committee and floor safety officers. By providing your employees with proper training on lifting and other safe work practices, you show that you have their safety in mind. A safety committee and floor safety officers can help identify areas where unsafe practices are taking place and can take steps to alleviate the problem. They can also provide reminders to employees on proper lifting and other safety techniques.

Reward employees for safe work practices. A safe workplace is a happy workplace. In addition to providing training, it can be a great idea to reward employees who engage in safe work practices. Incentivizing these practices encourage your employees to follow them while keeping the risk of workplace injury at a minimum.

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