Safety tip: Walk, don’t run!

Sun Mar 09 2014

Walking instead of running is a good way to avoid slips and falls. This is a key piece of safety training information that you should be providing to your employees. Safety on the job can provide a much better workplace in many ways, and ensuring that your employees are using safe work practices is important to your business. Running in the workplace can be very dangerous, and even when employees are faced with tight deadlines or need to get something done right away, it is crucial that they walk to their destination.

Slips and falls can lead to back injuries, increasing your workers' compensation premiums. Back injuries can be very severe, and the cost of treating injuries from a fall can lead to a sharp increase in workers' compensation premiums. It can also result in temporary or even permanent loss of an employee from your workforce. This can be very detrimental to the morale of your workforce and can certainly be a factor in increasing your WC premiums.

Reduce your workers' compensation premiums by fostering a safe work environment. Provide all employees with quality safety training -- doing so will ensure that they are properly informed on all the safety standards and the hazards that can take place in a work environment. Workers in a safe work environment are happier and more productive workers, and the cost of proper training is well worth the investment compared to an increase in workers’ compensation premiums in the event that an employee gets injured.

Communicate your safety policy clearly. Regular training is certainly a great step, but reminding employees of safe work practices is also recommended. Selecting a safety committee, hanging safety reminders or posters, or simply holding periodical safety meetings can ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety awareness in the workplace.

Reward employees who demonstrate safe work practices. Safety in the workplace improves performance and keeps employees protected, so why not incentivize proper workplace procedures? Whether you offer plaques, gift certificates, or private or public praise, it can prove quite beneficial to reward safe workplace practices. You will find that there are many ways that you can reward workers who follow workplace safety instructions, and doing so will help boost employee morale all while creating a safer place to work.

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