Mon Sep 09 2019

It's the law! - CA Food Handler training is required for California servers and Food Safety Manager training is required for all establishments serving food. Programs, such as ServSafe, are effective food-handling training programs that teach servers about basic food safety practices when preparing or serving meals to customers.

According to California law, all employees who handle food or serve alcohol are required to meet the state requirements and obtain a certification of training. Employees must remain in compliance. Employers and employees are both responsible for having a valid certification upon handling food in a restaurant and/or bar. Servsafe, accredited by the American National Standards Institute-Conference for Food Protection, teaches employees how to safely prepare, cook, and maintain a clean environment.

Certificates of passing the test are included in our training programs

The 90-minute CA Food Handler training session covers a variety of different sections including Basic Food Safety, Time and Temperature, Personal Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitation, as well as Cross-Contamination and Allergens. An online, or paper-based, test covers various questions pertaining to these topics and students will receive their certificate once they meet the passing requirements. Certificates are valid for three years. Restaurant servers and employees who handle food in a dining establishment will need to have an active certificate for up to 3 years. Certified employees who handle food or alcohol can work in a variety of different food businesses as the certificate is transferable.

The 1/2 day Food Safety Manager training session covers the higher level topics required for establishments to remain compliance with local food service sanitation and health codes. Certificates are valid for five years. Chefs, cooks and managers who manage food preparation and serve in a dining establishment or bar will need to have an active certificate for up to 5 years. Certified Managers who handle food or alcohol can work in a variety of different food businesses as this certificate is transferable. Express Certification is also available for Manager re-certification or where time allowed for training is limited.

We provide such training "Live" in person - More effective than online training! (Our trainer has 20 years of experience as a Human Resources Trainer in the hospitality industry).

Rather than simply having you take an online course we provide an exciting opportunity to interact and socialize with others during an in-person training course. Our Human Resources Trainer has had years of experience in providing quality training instructions to many employees in the food industry. You can rest assured that you will receive all the proper educational materials and instructions on how to effectively handle food and alcohol in a food service company.