Show your appreciation on Administrative Assistant's Day

Sun Mar 16 2014

Your employees are your greatest asset; show them you care! Administrative Assistant’s Day is April 23rd, 2014, and it’s important to show your assistants what a valuable part of the business they are. Showing appreciation for their hard work can have a positive effect on their work performance.

Create a sense of care and harmony within your office. When you recognize employees for their hard work and commitment, they begin to feel like they are more than just workers. This attitude can positively change the atmosphere of the workplace significantly and can ensure that your assistants stay satisfied with the company and management.

Appreciation reduces turnover and creates company loyalty. Loyalty to your company is something that money can't buy. You want a team of employees who wake up every day and are excited to come to work. Showing appreciation on days like Administrative Assistant's Day can go a long way towards creating this type of atmosphere and can help to significantly reduce turnover by improving employee relations.

Take your assistant out to lunch, or bring a coffee or his/her favorite snack back to the office. Acts like this are a great way to show your appreciation while also providing a nice break from work. Remembering your assistant's favorite snack shows that you pay attention. Taking them out to lunch can provide a sense of bonding that lets them know that they are more than just another employee. Whatever reward you choose, you will find that it can have a positive impact on your relationship with your assistant and their work performance.

Be specific in your praise and thanks – select a specific task that he or she did well. Your employees need to know when they are doing a good job, and it is up to you to give them the recognition that they deserve. Take the time to point out what areas your assistant excels at or praise them for a specific action they did that contributed to the company’s success. Appreciation goes a long way, and Administrative Assistant's Day is the perfect occasion to show it!

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