Strengthen Employee Relations with an Employee Newsletter

Mon Dec 17 2018

Increase company communication by sharing important information. Ensure your employees are always informed and educated about what is going on within your organization. Regardless of your company size, sharing such information will help bring all employees up to date with the company’s goals and accomplishments. Sharing information with everyone at work can help avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

Allow employees to feel as though they have a stake in the company. Increase employee loyalty by keeping them in the loop about what is going on within your organization. Having a clear idea of the company’s activities can allow employees to be more committed to helping the company reach its goals. An employee newsletter is an effective way to communicate with everyone in the workplace. You can include various sections within the newsletter which touch upon different components of the work environment (e.g., employee birthdays, company news, company activities, employee achievements, etc.)

Communication reduces unpleasant feelings and the hindrance of team spirit. Employee newsletters can provide accurate and relevant news and updates about what is occurring in the workplace. Newsletters can be distributed monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, depending on the available content and size of your organization. Try to include as much information as possible in these newsletters, including achievements that an employee has obtained; promotions and transfers, employee birthdays and employment anniversaries. This way, all employees will feel included will help make your staff feel valued and appreciated.

Share your mission and vision for the future. It’s important for companies to ensure their employees know what the company goals are - both short-term and long-term. By sharing your mission for the future, employees have the opportunity to provide insightful feedback and ideas for reaching those goals. Including employees in the company’s vision can allow them to feel as though they are part of something bigger. After all, a company’s mission and culture plays a huge role on team environments.

Celebrate employees' birthdays, anniversaries and accomplishments. Employee newsletters are a great way to inform the entire organization about employees’ birthdays and other special occasions. This will ensure that your employees feel recognized and valued on their special day. However, prior to posting their birthdays in your newsletter, make sure you’ve obtained their consent to share that information.

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