Strengthen Your Employee Relations with Valentine's Day Candygrams

Mon Jan 27 2014

Have your HR department sell candygrams this Valentine’s Day! Employees can buy candygrams for co-workers, and HR will deliver them on February 14th. This is an excellent way to let employees share their appreciation for one another, while providing them something fun that offers a great break from the traditional running of the office. In all, it offers something new and exciting for everyone who is involved while showing that you care enough about your employees to offer them special holiday events.

Holiday fun instills a sense of camaraderie and friendship. Bringing your employees closer together can be great for morale and can actually strengthen the way that they work together. A holiday event such as Valentine's Day candygrams will give your employees a way to show that they appreciate one another and can give management the chance to do the same for their employees.

Good employee relations lessens turnover. The happier your employees are, the less likely they are to seek out greener pastures. Making sure that you keep the workplace fun by doing things like offering holiday programs or events can be a great way to keep your employees more satisfied with their jobs. Valentine's Day candygrams can bring a smile to the face of every employee who receives one, and the chance to purchase them for coworkers can be equally exciting for your employees.

Clearly communicate how employees can purchase candygrams for delivery. Make sure that everyone on your team knows about the program and how they can participate. Send out an email or a memo with the details of the program, explaining that employees should contact HR with the information and monies needed to send a candygram to their desired recipient. Make sure that instructions are clear and make sure that they are received by every member of your team.

Make sure that your HR department manages the event. Human Resources should be in charge of taking orders from managers and employees, ordering and preparing the candygrams, and ensuring that they are delivered to the right recipients on Valentine's Day. This helps to ensure that the program runs smoothly and that everything goes off without a hitch. Employee relations, both with one another and with management, can be greatly improved by a Valentine's Day candygram program, and making sure that it is a success can be made easier by putting it in the hands of HR. Additionally, there is zero cost for the employer, since the cost of purchasing the candies is offset by employees’ purchases.

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