Telecommuting and remote “work from home” policy

Tue Mar 24 2020

For many of you, working from home has become the new norm. It is important that employers craft a telecommuting policy for all those employees working off-site, at home, to establish guidelines and expectations. Certainly, it won’t be easy for those employees who simultaneously must take care of their small children at home, due to school closures. Therefore, leniency, compassion and understanding should be at the forefront of your thoughts during this time. Nevertheless, guidelines should be established, and may include:

Professional Work Environment – The home office is expected to be a professional work environment, where employees can devote their full attention to work without distraction, if at all possible. They are expected to respond to telephone calls, voicemails and emails in the same timely and professional manner that they would from the office.

Communication – We recommend “daily” calls or emails to report work productivity and discuss challenges/opportunities and best practices. If so desired, supervisors may be copied on any business e-mails, so they are immediately aware of what is going on with their employee and the work at hand.

Schedules – Establish designated times to be available and online to work. Schedules may also include exercising and taking walks outside to keep a good healthy mindset.