The Value and Risks of Company Picnics

Sat May 11 2019

Get to know your employees and their families through teambuilding events. It’s important to create a working environment that is fun and exciting for both employees and management and one way of doing so is to plan entertaining events like a company picnic. Company picnics allow management, employees and their families to enjoy a day away from work while giving them an opportunity to connect with one another outside of the working environment; ultimately strengthening teamwork and work performance.

Get employees involved in the preparation. Providing employees with the opportunity to help plan a company picnic will help to break down walls between employees and management. Allow them to make suggestions on picnic locations, team-building activity ideas and catering options. Getting employees involved and taking their ideas into consideration allows them to feel valued and appreciated by management. A good way of doing that is to put together a Picnic Committee, from volunteer employees.

Build morale and employee engagement. Acknowledge your employees’ dedication and contributions to the company by planning a relaxing and fun company picnic. This event allows employees to take a break from work and really enjoy a nice, entertaining atmosphere with family and co-workers. Events like this can greatly increase employees’ satisfaction and help improve their work productivity.

Control the amount of alcohol allowed at company events. While employees are not attending a company picnic on work property, it’s still important that employees and management behave properly. While a couple of adult beverages may be permitted (but not recommended), controlling the amount of alcohol allowed can ensure that the company is not exposed to any liabilities and that no problems occur at the event (e.g., harassment, unwelcomed comments, etc.).

Advertise the event and encourage employee participation. Make sure you communicate and promote the Employee Picnic by providing your employees with all the information they need; time, date, location, etc. Encourage your employees to attend the event and bring their families with them. An event such as an all employee company picnic can really help bring employees together, break down employee-employer barriers, and allow your employees to become more engaged with the company.

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