What We've Learned from Covid-19

Thu Jul 30 2020

This virus has affected all of us, one way or another.  Some of us have lost loved ones, some of us have lost our job and income; some of us feel alone and isolated.  We look at the news and listen to the infectious disease experts, the scientists, the medical professionals, and our government officials to get answers, and information as to when they think life will return to normal.  Then… when we think things are getting better, things just get worse. 
As I write this article today, our dine-in restaurants, hairdressers and many others must once again close their doors.  It feels as though we are taking one step forward, to then take two steps back.
If you are one of the lucky ones that live with your family, and maybe some extended family members, what you might have learnt, is a renewed sense of family, family values and togetherness.  Eating together as a family instead of skipping a meal or going out; finding new games to play together, and maybe tackling craft projects with the little ones. Patience is a virtue, and I sincerely hope everyone has learnt to be patient.  
Although these moments we are living in are difficult, these moments are precious when we spend time with our loved ones; those we didn’t have time for before, due to the hustle and bustle of our everyday “normal lives”; in the city and in our work lives.

Less cars on the road means that our air is clearing up from the pollution; those of us who have a yard are learning how to cultivate vegetables, tomatoes and maybe some herbs.  We have time to be creative and think of other things we might do for a living; re-creating ourselves or taking the time to sit and read the book we’ve been meaning to read for so long…
Humans are meant to be together.  This “separation” is not normal for us.  We are told to be socially distant, but really, it should be called physical distancing.  We cannot remove “social” from “human” and we are all human.  We need to continue reaching out by phone (Yes phone! Enough with the emails and texts!) to our friends and colleagues and “catch up” – continue our socialization for our, and their mental well-being. Hearing someone’s voice is better than reading some text or email, where you cannot hear their tone of voice or evaluate their state of mind.

What we all must do however, is wear a face mask - please, to protect each other.  Because only together, as the human race, will we be able to combat and win against this invisible enemy.
Wishing you Safety and Health!