Year-End Resolutions – Have a Plan!

Mon Dec 30 2019

Prepare your 2020 goals. Do you have any new goals that you would like to accomplish next year? New systems you want to put into effect? With this year coming to an end, it’s important to reflect back on all your past accomplishments and decide what new goals you want to set for this upcoming year. Start preparing early so you can get right into it when 2020 comes around.

Set a plan -- if you don’t have a plan, or write it down, it won’t happen. Simply talking about potential goals is not enough. It’s important to have a comprehensive plan which provides details on what your goals are and how they can be accomplished. Writing down everything that needs to be done keeps things organized and keeps both you and your employees on track.

Employees need to know the vision and mission of the company. It’s up to management to share the company’s vision with the staff. Set the tone and inspire your employees to take part in the vision of the company by getting them involved in any way you can. Working with your employees and including them in the company’s goals can improve employee relations and benefit the future of the company.

Think of an executive retreat or executive planning session to discuss next year’s goals. Plan a retreat to get your executives together and discuss what goals you’d like to set for your company. By teaming up with your leadership group, you can get innovative ideas and discuss ways to effectively accomplish your plans.

Share those goals with your management staff and then with your hourly employees. Communicate with management and your employees to inform them of next years’ goals for your company. This way, everyone is on the same page and can work together to bring to life and reality, your 2020 goals.

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