Mon December 03 2018

Building a strong HR foundation

Limit your liability by building a strong HR foundation, which includes your employee handbook, company policies, and HR Best Practices. Protect your organization by making sure all your policies are well established and put into effect. By compiling a thorough and comprehensive employee handbook, you will have the tools necessary to defend yourself against any potential litigated claims.

Mon November 26 2018

TIPS TRAINING for Hotels and Restaurant Employees

It's the law - California bartenders must receive TIPS training. TIPS, also known as the Training for Intervention Procedures, is a training program that educates servers and bartenders on how to prevent intoxication and underage drinking at restaurants and/or bars. Through these programs, bartenders can learn how to be aware of alcohol-related problems and know how to respond during certain incidents.

Mon November 19 2018

Understanding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Reporting

Employers with 100 employees or more must report the number of employees within each EEO category. Providing this data is a legal obligation and all employers with 100 or more employees must follow this federal law. The information provided is used to create reports regarding gender and race/ethnicity by the type of job grouping.

Sun November 11 2018

Training & Development: On-Boarding & Orientation

Make your new employees feel welcome from the first day. For many new employees, the first day can be quite stressful as they’re exposed to new co-workers, a new work environment, and new responsibilities. Providing your new employees with a comfortable and welcoming introduction from the start can help them better adjust to the transition.

Fri November 02 2018

Understanding laws governing privacy in the workplace

Employees have the right to privacy - It is the law! Although difficult at times, there must be a good balance between your employee's rights to privacy and your business needs. Employees should be entitled to a certain level of privacy while at work. Whether it’s ensuring that their personal phone calls are private, or their private information is protected, employers must provide their workers with some level of security and privacy.

Mon October 29 2018

Halloween Teambuilding!

Take every opportunity to celebrate with your staff; celebrate Halloween and create a fun and engaging work environment. Halloween is not only a popular tradition amongst young children, but it is also an exciting holiday for many adults as well. Promote an engaging work environment for your entire staff and celebrate this exciting holiday with fun activities and creative, work-appropriate costumes.

Mon October 22 2018

Title: Employee on-boarding

Give your new hires the tools and information they need to be successful in their new environment. New employees should be properly introduced to their new position and to the company. By providing them with useful information and resources, you ensure that they’re settled in much more quickly and efficiently. Starting at a new company with new surroundings and employees can be overwhelming for your new hire.

Mon October 15 2018

Management Coaching

Be a manager, go to jail! Managers are just as liable as ownership when it comes to employment law. The law does not differentiate between a manager and the company owner; therefore, the behavior of a manager must be impeccable, as in the eyes of the law, the manager is an extension of ownership. Additionally, the manager may be held personally liable, and named in a lawsuit.

Mon October 08 2018

Update your HR Internet and phone use policy

Much HR law and policy protect employees’ rights and privacy. Privacy and safety in the workplace are important matters and certain laws protect employees when it comes to personal information and activities (i.e., private phone conversations). The laws, however, have limited employee rights for internet usage that take place on company computers and on company time. Certain companies, in fact, have permission to monitor employees’ work phones, emails, and computers.

Mon October 01 2018

Training & Development: Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment is a delicate, but necessary issue that should be addressed in every work environment. With proper training, managers and employees can detect when sexual harassment is taking place in the work environment and have the proper knowledge as to how to address or report such behavior. Aside from preventing lawsuits against the company, proper training can bring awareness and sensitivity to your staff.