Sun April 07 2019

How We Work: Sound Guidance

At Executive HR Consulting Group, one of our main priorities is to ensure our clients are compliant with all employment laws and legislation. Employees have many fundamental rights that must be adhered to in every work environment, otherwise legal action can be taken and substantial penalties or fines may be imposed onto the employer.

Mon April 01 2019

Prevent promotion discrimination in the workplace

Promotion discrimination against any protected category in the workplace is against the law; eliminate liability by using HR best practices. Protected categories include race, religion, color, sexual orientation, medical conditions, etc. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against qualified employees when a promotion or hiring opportunity is available.

Sun March 24 2019

Employee Feedback is Critical!

Employee Feedback

Many buzz words are used for this tool – Opinion surveys, Engagement surveys, or Satisfaction surveys. The point being: “Engage your employees in your business” by asking them their opinions. Drive your business to success by creating an engaged workforce.

Mon March 18 2019

Employee Training and On-boarding

Offer training programs and opportunities for growth available to all employees. Training programs can help employees with career development by teaching them helpful skills and strategies to use at work. By providing training programs to all your staff, you help increase their knowledge and skills to reach their full potential. Provide all your employees with an equal opportunity to grow and develop at work, and move up the career ladder.

Sun March 10 2019

Safety Tip - Ergonomics

Proper ergonomics prevent carpal tunnel, back problems, and other conditions. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common work-related condition that can be caused due to repetitive hand movements (like typing) and by working in an awkward or similar position for long periods of time. Lower back problems, upper limb problems, and neck complaints are other common work-related health problems.

Sat March 02 2019

Financial Seminars – Complimentary to your Company and to your Employees

Show your employees that you care about their financial futures by providing them with the knowledge and insight on how to manage their money and invest in your company’s 401(k) plan. Teach them how to budget and plan for their future – for them and their dependents; they will appreciate it very much! ECG has worked closely with Affluencer Financial in Los Angeles.

Sun February 24 2019

ECG’s HR Integrity Hotline

ECG offers a toll free “HR Integrity Hotline” to their clients. Employees are able to contact our office directly to share any employee relations issue they may have. Our HR consultants listen empathetically and document what the employee tells them. Our experienced consultants ask pertinent and relevant questions in preparation for any potential litigation or investigation, such as the date, time, names of witnesses, etc.

Mon February 18 2019

Training & Development: Teambuilding

There's more to work than just deadlines and assignments; camaraderie between employees is vital for your company’s success. Open communication amongst employees is essential to creating a positive and comfortable work environment. When employees get along and get to know one another, it can improve professional relations as well as promote understanding and cooperation; essentially leading to better quality and productivity at work.

Mon February 11 2019

Hourly employees and their smartphones: Hidden overtime?

The law requires that all hourly employees be paid for all hours worked. But with today's technology, it is difficult to keep track of those employees who use their smartphones "off work hours" for "work duties;” those hours must be paid! The separation of work life and personal life is becoming more transparent as employers and employees resort to working remotely on their smartphones and other technological devices.

Mon February 04 2019

Termination for Poor Performance Should Never Be a Surprise

Terminating employees for performance should never be a surprise. As an employer, you should always follow the correct procedures when terminating an employee. If the termination is due to poor work performance, make sure that you have coached the employee about that performance, and that your communications have been documented.