Mon September 10 2018

Employee Wellness Programs

Designed to bring employees together to share the benefits of health and fitness. The benefits of employee wellness programs are becoming more evident and as a result, an increasing number of businesses are incorporating wellness programs within their workplace. Through classes and programs which include health, nutrition, and fitness, employees are able to share the benefits of living a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Tue September 04 2018

Diversity and sensitivity training

Protect yourself against claims of hostile working environments, or harassment in the workplace! Create a friendly and welcoming work environment for all your staff. By appreciating the diversity in your workplace, your employees can feel accepted and comfortable in their surroundings. Make sure there are no discriminatory practices taking place at your workplace as your company could be charged with a litigated claim if discrimination occurs.

Sun August 26 2018

Safety Tip - First Aid Kits

Abide by OSHA requirements - Occupational Safety and Health Act. This act is a primary federal law that governs occupational health and safety in the workplace. The goal of this act is to ensure that employers in all industries provide their employees with a working environment that is free from hazards which include toxins, excessive noise levels, heat or cold stress, as well as mechanical dangers.

Mon August 20 2018

The Hidden Cost of Turnover --- Let’s make sure we hire the right person from the start!

In my many years as an HR Director in the hospitality industry, we hired and terminated a myriad of employees. Always behind and catching up on our work, it was difficult for me and my HR team to justify to our General Manager, the need to hire additional HR personnel for our department. I felt as though we were “spinning our wheels” and could never pinpoint the actual “cost per hire”, to argue our need for that extra HR person.

Mon August 13 2018

Employee or Independent Contractor? That is the Question!

Understand the difference between employees and independent contractors. An independent contractor is someone who is independently in business for themselves. The employer does not control the worker but only controls the end results of the work that the independent contractor has been retained to do.

Tue August 07 2018

HR Compliance: Reporting new employees

All California employers must report new or rehired employees who work in California within 20 days of their start-of-work date. California’s new hire reporting program requires employers to submit the necessary documents to the EDD (Employment Development Department) prior to the 20th day of employment. Employees who are rehired after being absent for 60 consecutive days also fall under this requirement.

Mon July 30 2018

Updating Employee Handbooks

Although not required by law, the Employee Handbook is the single most important HR best practice there is! It provides a strong foundation to clearly communicate to all employees your company policies, setting the stage for company guidelines and employee behavior expectations. The Employee Handbook also serves to protect your company against a number of potential legal challenges.

Mon July 23 2018

Emotional Intelligence

By Clark Souers, Senior HR Consultant ECG

Tue July 17 2018

Training & development: Time management

Good time management is important for both employers and employees. Proper time management can make your entire workforce more productive, thus increasing your bottom line. Learning how to manage time efficiently however, takes some practice and training.

Mon July 09 2018

Know the Law: Organ and Bone Marrow Donor’s Leave

If you have 15 or more employees, this law applies to you! California law mandates that employers must grant paid leave of absence to an employee who is an organ donor in any one-year period. The time off cannot exceed 30 business days for an organ donor and 5 business days for a bone marrow donor.