Mon June 09 2014

Training & Development: Performance evaluations

Communication is vital when it comes to your employees' performance. Motivation and appreciation are two important components that lead to better productivity. Acknowledging your employee’s efforts and taking them into consideration during periodic assessments can help to boost their confidence and encourage them to continue their hard work. These evaluations are important when it comes time for promotions.

Mon June 02 2014

Safety Tip: Ergonomics

Good ergonomics are key to a healthy workplace. Effective ergonomics in the workplace can benefit both employees and your business by providing physical comfort, thereby improving morale and productivity. Ergonomics promotes early returns to work and a reduction in absenteeism.

Tue May 27 2014

Reminder: Minimum wage increasing in July - prepare now!

Effective July 1, 2014, minimum wage increases to $9.00 per hour. It is imperative that you become familiar with the minimum wage requirements in California and comply with them in a timely manner.

Mon May 19 2014

Maintaining a non-union environment: Employee relations

Proactive and effective employee relations are critically important to maintaining a non-union work environment. Satisfied employees who feel as though their voices have been heard are less likely to seek out a third party. The best way to avoid unionization is to use positive employee relations techniques.

Sun May 11 2014

Employee opinion surveys

Placing a strong emphasis on employee relations is essential for maintaining a positive and productive workforce. It demonstrates that the company values its employees rather than just their work performance. Employee opinion surveys are a simple and effective way to improve employee relations and increase employee engagement by assessing the company’s performance through the eyes of their employees.

Mon May 05 2014

How we work: responsiveness

Executive HR Consulting Group, we understand that many HR issues are time-sensitive and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Simple problems tend to escalate and grow if they are not resolved immediately. A quick response is usually essential to finding a successful solution in the work environment.

Sun April 27 2014

The difference between employees & independent contractors

Understand the difference between employees and independent contractors. An independent contractor is someone who is independently in business for themselves. The employer does not control the worker but only controls the end results of the work that the independent contractor has been retained to do.

Mon April 21 2014

Strengthen employee relations with roses on Mother's Day

Show you care - your employees are your greatest asset! Your business is as good as the people who work for it. Your employees are hard working individuals who deserve to be treated and pampered every now and then. If their efforts are left unacknowledged for long, they may eventually feel the pressure and experience a lack of motivation. This Mother’s Day, show the mothers in your company what an important asset they are to the business by offering them roses.

Sun April 13 2014

Management Training 101

Management Training 101 covers supervisory and management skills for both new and experienced supervisors. The productivity and success of your business correlates with the satisfaction and happiness of your employees, therefore it’s important to ensure that your supervisors are properly trained and prepared to manage the business. This training course will teach supervisors and the management team to effectively deal with complaints and conflicts at work.

Sun April 06 2014

Safety Tip - Horseplay at work

Horseplay means things like running in the hallways, playing basketball in the office, etc. Horseplay at workplace can be anything from a harmless prank to harassment or other unethical and unsafe acts. Often times, employees who want to alleviate boredom or stress behave in such ways and engage in rough play in attempts to keep the environment light and friendly.