Mon May 05 2014

How we work: responsiveness

Executive HR Consulting Group, we understand that many HR issues are time-sensitive and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Simple problems tend to escalate and grow if they are not resolved immediately. A quick response is usually essential to finding a successful solution in the work environment.

Sun April 27 2014

The difference between employees & independent contractors

Understand the difference between employees and independent contractors. An independent contractor is someone who is independently in business for themselves. The employer does not control the worker but only controls the end results of the work that the independent contractor has been retained to do.

Mon April 21 2014

Strengthen employee relations with roses on Mother's Day

Show you care - your employees are your greatest asset! Your business is as good as the people who work for it. Your employees are hard working individuals who deserve to be treated and pampered every now and then. If their efforts are left unacknowledged for long, they may eventually feel the pressure and experience a lack of motivation. This Mother’s Day, show the mothers in your company what an important asset they are to the business by offering them roses.

Sun April 13 2014

Management Training 101

Management Training 101 covers supervisory and management skills for both new and experienced supervisors. The productivity and success of your business correlates with the satisfaction and happiness of your employees, therefore it’s important to ensure that your supervisors are properly trained and prepared to manage the business. This training course will teach supervisors and the management team to effectively deal with complaints and conflicts at work.

Sun April 06 2014

Safety Tip - Horseplay at work

Horseplay means things like running in the hallways, playing basketball in the office, etc. Horseplay at workplace can be anything from a harmless prank to harassment or other unethical and unsafe acts. Often times, employees who want to alleviate boredom or stress behave in such ways and engage in rough play in attempts to keep the environment light and friendly.

Sun March 30 2014

Bringing back the popularity of emotional intelligence

We are nearing the 20 year anniversary of emotional intelligence making its dramatic splash into the business world. Yet most managers and even HR professionals have difficulty explaining the concept and even fewer are taking concrete steps to improve their own emotional intelligence. So why has this breakthrough idea that took off with such popularity stalled over the last decade?

Sat March 22 2014

Training and development: Time management

Good time management is important for both employers and employees. Proper time management can make your entire workforce more productive, thus increasing your bottom line. Learning how to manage time efficiently, however, takes some practice and training.

Sun March 16 2014

Show your appreciation on Administrative Assistant's Day

Your employees are your greatest asset; show them you care! Administrative Assistant’s Day is April 23rd, 2014, and it’s important to show your assistants what a valuable part of the business they are. Showing appreciation for their hard work can have a positive effect on their work performance.

Sun March 09 2014

Safety tip: Walk, don’t run!

Walking instead of running is a good way to avoid slips and falls. This is a key piece of safety training information that you should be providing to your employees. Safety on the job can provide a much better workplace in many ways, and ensuring that your employees are using safe work practices is important to your business.

Sun March 02 2014

Daylight Savings Time is coming up - Attendance Policy Still Applies!

Spring ahead! Change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time on March 9, 2014! Changing our clocks to an hour ahead mean we lose an hour of sleep. This can often be a difficult event for many employers, as it results in employees showing up late for work.