Sun March 16 2014

Show your appreciation on Administrative Assistant's Day

Your employees are your greatest asset; show them you care! Administrative Assistant’s Day is April 23rd, 2014, and it’s important to show your assistants what a valuable part of the business they are. Showing appreciation for their hard work can have a positive effect on their work performance.

Sun March 09 2014

Safety tip: Walk, don’t run!

Walking instead of running is a good way to avoid slips and falls. This is a key piece of safety training information that you should be providing to your employees. Safety on the job can provide a much better workplace in many ways, and ensuring that your employees are using safe work practices is important to your business.

Sun March 02 2014

Daylight Savings Time is coming up - Attendance Policy Still Applies!

Spring ahead! Change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time on March 9, 2014! Changing our clocks to an hour ahead mean we lose an hour of sleep. This can often be a difficult event for many employers, as it results in employees showing up late for work.

Tue February 25 2014

Training & development: Conflict resolution

It is important to train your managers on how to manage conflict! In a busy or hectic work environment, conflict is inevitable. Unfortunately, conflict between co-workers can also hinder productivity and can create a tense working environment for everyone. By providing professional coaching in conflict management, managers can better understand how to handle and deal with conflict in a way that is both productive and helpful to resolving the underlying issues.

Sun February 16 2014

Understanding the new DLSE form for hourly hires

All "hourly" new hires must be provided with a signed copy of their DLSE form upon hire. This form is required by the state of California as of January 2012 and is an essential part of the hiring process. HR Administration should make sure that this form is properly filled out by both parties and that it is distributed to the employee at time of hire.

Sun February 09 2014

Safety tip: how to properly lift

Proper lifting is an essential part of many different jobs. Whether you manage a factory, a restaurant, or any other business, at some point, employees are likely to be asked to lift heavy items. Making sure that they are lifting properly can reduce the risk of injury and even make lifting easier.

Mon February 03 2014

The importance of employee recognition programs

Happy employees make for happy clients and/or guests. The happier your employees are, the better they are going to interact with all of the clients that they encounter. Because of this, maintaining a roster of happy employees is a sound business strategy. Research shows that businesses where employees are happiest are often the most successful.

Mon January 27 2014

Strengthen Your Employee Relations with Valentine's Day Candygrams

Have your HR department sell candygrams this Valentine’s Day! Employees can buy candygrams for co-workers, and HR will deliver them on February 14th. This is an excellent way to let employees share their appreciation for one another, while providing them something fun that offers a great break from the traditional running of the office.

Sat January 18 2014

Understanding the new domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking laws

The California State Government has expanded the role employers must play in protecting their employees from potential stalking. California law already provided protection to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault; these laws have recently been extended to protect victims of stalking, as well. The updated law strengthens protections for individuals under threat, and ensures employers take reasonable steps to protect threatened employees.

Sun January 12 2014

The importance of employee handbooks

Employee handbooks are an important and fundamental part of good HR policy. They provide a strong foundation for clearly communicating your company policies, and help protect your company against a number of potential legal challenges. At HR Executive Consulting Group, we can help you craft an employee handbook that covers all the necessary topics, while also matching your company’s specific needs and goals.