Sun June 16 2019

Workers Compensation - What to do?

All employers are required by law to have workers compensation (WC) insurance, regardless of the number of employees on staff. Workers compensation insurance is mandatory for all employers to have and can help protect you and your employees in the event of a work-related injury or illness. Depending on the nature of your business, accidents in the workplace may occur and it’s important to be prepared.

Mon June 10 2019

Management Training 101

Management Training 101 covers supervisory and management skills for both new and experienced supervisors. This workshop is an overall view of the managers’ responsibilities vis a vis their employees, and your company’s policies.

Sun June 02 2019

Understanding the Fair Employment and Housing Act

It's the law! This act prohibits employers from discrimination of any protected class, harassment or retaliation in the workplace. Employers need to create an equal environment for their employees and refrain from discriminating against their gender, age, religion, marital status, etc. The FEHA protects employees in the workplace and ensures that they are treated fairly and respectfully.

Mon May 27 2019

HR recordkeeping: Dealing with employee’s travel time

It’s the law! Hourly employees must be paid at least minimum wage for "travel time." Labor law states that employees who travel for work purposes must be paid at least minimum wage when traveling for business purposes. While the employer can certainly pay the employee’s regular rate of pay for travel purposes, the law requires that the employer pay “at least” minimum wage.

Sun May 19 2019

Training & Development: Customer Service Excellence

Customers are essential to a business and contribute to a business’ success and growth. Therefore, it’s important for your employees to get the proper training in order to keep customers satisfied enough to return to use your service. Customers want their concerns to be heard and resolved and it’s important to know how to respond when such a situation occurs.

Sat May 11 2019

The Value and Risks of Company Picnics

Get to know your employees and their families through teambuilding events. It’s important to create a working environment that is fun and exciting for both employees and management and one way of doing so is to plan entertaining events like a company picnic.

Mon May 06 2019

Strengthen employee relations with roses on Mothers' Day

Show you care - your employees are your greatest asset! Your business is as good as the people who work for it. Your employees are hard working individuals who deserve to be treated and pampered every now and then. If their efforts are left unacknowledged for long, they may eventually feel the pressure and experience a lack of motivation. This Mother’s Day, show the mothers in your company what an important asset they are to the business by offering them roses.

Mon April 22 2019

Establishing a sound employee attendance policy

Have a sound attendance policy included in your employee handbook. Attendance and punctuality is an important aspect of work and can determine your employee’s productivity and commitment. By establishing a comprehensive and easy to understand attendance policy, employees know what expectations are required and can be held accountable if these requirements are not met.

Sun April 14 2019

A Sound HR Platform for New Companies

So what is an HR platform? The HR Platform is your human resources foundation that will help guide you and ensure that you are utilizing all HR best practices, and that you are in compliance with employment laws, wage & hour laws, OSHA and all HR related government agencies.

This platform is necessary for all start-up businesses, or businesses that want to make sure they have all of the tools they need for the effective management of their human resources.

Sun April 07 2019

How We Work: Sound Guidance

At Executive HR Consulting Group, one of our main priorities is to ensure our clients are compliant with all employment laws and legislation. Employees have many fundamental rights that must be adhered to in every work environment, otherwise legal action can be taken and substantial penalties or fines may be imposed onto the employer.