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Executive HR Consulting Group is a boutique style, HR & Hospitality consulting referral platform, assisting employers with “All things HR” in all industries. In business since 2003, we help you find your perfect human resources professional to handle your HR needs. You work directly with your selected HR advisor/consultant who will help you navigate the myriad of employment laws; compliance matters and who will assist with your training and leadership management needs.

With over 30 years servicing the hospitality industry, we are proud to include here many hospitality providers we have come to know and trust.

Our Mission Statement

“Through this platform, ECG pledges to provide quality HR & Hospitality resource referrals,
from an exclusive and elite group of remarkable, service-oriented professionals
dedicated to serving you”.


ECG was founded in by Chantal Mariotti, who began her career as an HR Director in the hospitality industry in the 1980s. In 2003, Chantal took her decades of experience and network of professionals to begin her own HR Consulting firm, Executive HR Consulting Group (ECG).

Designed to help smaller and mid-size companies remain in compliance with employment laws while sharing her knowledge of HR best practices, Chantal’s services included all facets of HR, general HR Consulting, learning & development/training, and investigations of harassment or discrimination.

With more than 95% of her business via client referrals and employment law firms, ECG organically grew as Chantal built her network of trusted HR professionals. Today, almost 20 years later, each of these original HR Consultants now have their own individual HR Consulting firms.

In 2021, with over 30 years of experience in HR, and after building meaningful connections with so many extraordinary people, Chantal began to innovate a new type of business model designed for the worldwide needs of HR professionals and those seeking HR and hospitality industry services. This led to the creation of an entirely unique and trusted “Referral Platform” for HR.

Chantal has hand-selected the very best from her network of professionals in all areas of HR and hospitality; the people and companies she’s worked with in the past are those who she personally knows. ECG’s reputation has always been at the forefront of Chantal’s mind; running a company with integrity and trust.

We hope that you will find this referral platform resourceful as you seek HR and Hospitality professionals for your own business.


Thank you for the years of remarkable service and friendship – I hope this Platform will help not only the companies that seek your services, but that this Platform helps you and your individual businesses & consultancies grow and thrive.

A very special thank you to Ms. Patricia Ceballos for her unwavering loyalty and dedication to ECG.  We could not have grown without her phenomenal customer service excellence, outstanding communication skills, and knowledge of HR best practices & employment laws.  Thank you!


Thank you for your trust and confidence. It has been a pleasure and an honor working with you. We are hopeful that you will continue to seek HR assistance through our new Referral Platform – as we will always be here “At your Service”.

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