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An array of hospitality professionals to assist you in the management of your property;
Hotel Consultants, Associations, Injury Prevention Experts, Teambuilding & Executive Coaching Professionals, Translation Services, Staffing & more…

Hospitality Consultants

  • Hospitality Consultants

    Breyer Andrew LLP

    Amy Breyer & Greg Zbylut
    Specialty: Expert PPP Guidance & Consultation, Trademark, Taxation & Corporate Contracts & Coprorate Law

    Attorneys to Creatives and Entrepreneurs - We provide services in trademark, taxation & corporate law/ We are experts in PPP and can help hospitality Corporate Controllers navigate the complex PPP rules, providing guidance and consultation.

  • Hospitality Consultants

    J Brand Global Enterprises, LLC

    Jerome Strack

    Hotel Pre-Opening Services, Due Diligence and Proforma Management

  • Hospitality Consultants

    Martin Nicholson, Hospitality Advisor

    Martin Nicholson
    Specialty: Full hospitality advisory services, to include Property Management Structure, Property Positioning, Service & Product Evaluation, Standards & Procedures Development and Implementation, On-Site Management Mentoring

    Proven industry leader with comprehensive and diversified management experience in national and international luxury resort/hotel markets. 

  • Hospitality Consultants

    Syzygy Hospitality, LLC.

    John P. Strozdas
    Specialty: Hospitality Consultant with international experience

    Senior level hospitality executive with demonstrable achievements in strategic thinking, financial results and leadership at property, regional and corporate levels.

Hospitality Resources

  • Hospitality Resources

    American Hotel & Lodging Association

    Phone: 202-289-3100

    Hospitality Industry Hotel & Lodging Association

  • Hospitality Resources

    Best Performance Systems, Inc.

    Doctor Barry Carlin
    Specialty: Employee Injury Reduction, including Covid-19

    For the past 17 years, Best Performance Systems has had a 100% success rate in reducing employee injuries within a myriad of industries

  • Hospitality Resources

    California Hotel & Lodging Association

    Phone: 916-444-5780

    Hospitality Industry Lodging Association

  • Hospitality Resources

    Computer Up

    Keith Jefferies
    Specialty: Managed IT & Computer Security Services

    Everything for your computer system - Managed IT & security services, Computer & network support, network design, backup & disaster recovery solutions, Computer issues, State-of-the-art Malware protection, Cloud management. Contact Keith Jefferies today!

  • Hospitality Resources

    Dreams Envisions, Inc.

    Liane Haynes-Smith
    Specialty: Change Management, Leadership Assessment & Development, Sales Training and Strategies to Maximize Team Improvement

    After 25 years of leading hotel sales, marketing & service teams, Liane assists her clients to manage the upheavals that include acts of terrorism, economic downturns, re-branding, ownership transitions, and launching of new properties.

  • Hospitality Resources

    Eva Translation Services

    Eva Iglesias-Rossiter
    Specialty: Professional English/Spanish Translation Services

    Eva is a freelance English/Spanish translator, originally from Madrid, Spain. Since 2007, Eva has provided translation services for a number of companies, and individuals

  • Hospitality Resources

    Expense Reduction Analysts

    Marylou Garcia
    Specialty: Expense Reduction Specialist, with over 20 years' experience in the hospitality industry

    Marylou Garcia has more than 20 years of experience in senior financial management positions across multiple industries with public and private firms ranging from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial startups.

  • Hospitality Resources

    Goldin Leadership Group, Inc.

    Anita Goldin
    Specialty: Leadership Coaching, Conflict Resolution and Team Performance

    Goldin Leadership Group can improve your employees' performance, provides executive coaching services and leadership development to your executives and managers

  • Hospitality Resources

    Hospitality Taskforce, Inc.

    Tony DiRaimondo
    Specialty: Hospitality temporary staffing assistance

    In business since 2003, our mission is to provide hotels and hotel management companies with a network of the highest quality, most experienced, professionals in the areas of Sales, Catering, General Managers and Operations on a temporary, Taskforce basis. 

  • Hospitality Resources

    MC Squared, Marketing

    Michelle Chila
    Specialty: Strategic Marketing & Branding

    Powered by strategic insights, MC Squared energizes your brands’ potential power to create a compelling brand narrative. Michelle brings a thoughtful executive presence to all her clients.

  • Hospitality Resources

    Piria, LLC

    Yah Pisutpongpan

    IT solution consultant specializing in end-to-end software development and maintenance services for seamless business operations and optimal system performance.

  • Hospitality Resources

    Purple Squirrel, LLC

    Linda Marak
    Specialty: Recruiting, Staffing & Executive Search

    Linda (aka “The Candidate Whisperer”) leverages over 20 years of corporate hiring experience to assist hiring managers and job seekers to navigate the hiring process. Linda can help you find that "diamond in the rough" for all your staffing needs

  • Hospitality Resources

    Vatel International

    Nathalie Plaire-Virovac
    Specialty: Hospitality Interns & Staffing Assistance

    Vatel International offers qualified interns for your property and is represented in 50 countries worldwide.

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