Employee Complaint Hotline

HR Integrity Hotline, Ethics Hotline, Employee Hotline, Compliance Hotline

For a minimal cost, allow your employees the opportunity to contact a third party, to share their complaints. Much better ECG relaying to you the complaint, as opposed to the employee contacting a government agency!

ECG offers employers an HR Integrity Hotline

This toll-free phone number offers your employees a venue to share their complaints to an independent third party. ECG’s Senior HR Consultant listens to the employee and takes notes of the conversation. Those notes are then shared with the employer, who can take action to resolve the employee complaint.

ECG Shall:

  • Provide you with a communication notice customized with your logo, announcing the toll-free line.  ECG will work closely with your HR Director, or with ownership to craft a comprehensive communication flyer, outlining the complaint process;
  • Provide a Toll-Free hotline phone number;
  • Answer the toll-free call immediately, or, return the phone call promptly within 24 hours of message receipt, including weekends in case of emergencies;
  • Listen to the employee and provide him/her with reassurance that the matter will be addressed immediately, and if so desired, in a confidential/anonymous manner;

Dependent upon the matter relayed to us, ECG will ask the employee for additional detailed information, including but not limited to names of witnesses, date and time of occurrence and any other relevant information required. ECG then documents the conversation, on a customized form, created just for your company.

Affordable Fees for Integrity Line Services
HR Integrity Line Toll-Free Number (Administration) –   $250.00 per Quarter, billable semi-annually ($500.00)
ECG then bills you only if the hotline is utilized at their standard hourly rate.

To learn more about our Integrity Hotline, or to set up this service, please contact Chantal Mariotti at cmariotti@ExecutiveHRConsulting.com, or call 818-845-5584, Ext. 3.

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