Hospitality Industry 2021 Benefits & Compensation Calendar/Timeline

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Calendar/Timeline for all Hospitality Industry Benefits & Compensation Survey Processing was cancelled.  Luckily, we were able to conclude the Southern California Survey prior to hotel closures.

Covid-19 or not, we will move forward with our full comprehensive benefits & compensation surveys for 2021. As always, a minimum of six (6) participants is needed in order to maintain the confidentiality of the data.  Below please find our 2021 Calendar:



Invitations Sent 2/1/2021
Registration Due 2/12/2021
Data Due 2/19/2021
Results Returned Early March


Invitations Sent 3/8/2021
Registration Due 3/12/2021
Data Due 3/19/2021
Results Returned Early April

PALO ALTO (California) 

Invitations Sent 4/5/2021
Registration Due 4/9/2021
Data Due 4/16/2021
Results Returned Early May


Invitations Sent 5/3/2021
Registration Due 5/7/2021
Data Due 5/14/2021
Results Returned Late May

ATLANTA (Georgia) 

Invitations Sent 5/27/2021
Registration Due 6/3/2021
Data Due 6/10/2021
Results Returned Late June

LAKE TAHOE (California) 

Invitations Sent 6/21/2021
Registration Due 6/25/2021
Data Due 7/2/2021
Results Returned Mid July

WASHINGTON (District of Columbia)  

Invitations Sent 7/12/2021
Registration Due 7/16/2021
Data Due 7/23/2021
Results Returned Early August


In 2020, 78 hotels participated in the survey, representing 28,716 guest rooms and a total of 27,345 employees.
Results are avaialble for purchase to "Non-Participants".  For information, please email

Survey results were returned to each participant early March 2020

For more information, please call our offices at 818-845-5584, or email

Thank you!