California Travel Time Pay

  • On 25 January 2023
  • Posted by Chantal Mariotti
HR California

California Travel Time Pay

Nonexempt employees in California who are required to travel are entitled to receive pay for the time spent traveling. Time traveling to and from their designated workplace is not considered “travel time”. If an employee arrives at their designated workplace and the employer requires that employee to then travel to another location during the course of their work, the employee’s time spent traveling to another location is compensable.

If the employer requires employees to park in a designated lot from which they are transported to the work location by company bus, the company is required to compensate employees for time spent on the bus travelling to their workplace. Organizations may provide optional transportation to their employees where the employee decides to use the transportation, or not, without paying the employee while riding on the bus to work.

Employers may choose to pay their employees at a rate lower than their normal rate of pay for travel, as long as it is not less than minimum wage. In order for an employer to pay a lower rate for travel time, a travel time pay policy must be distributed to all affected employees before the required travel.

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