Daylight Savings Time

Wed Oct 21 2020

Reminder: Daylight Savings Time Ends Next Month!
Don't forget the time change! November 1st is just around the corner and it’s important to remind all your employees about setting their clocks back an hour. Not only will this give you an extra hour of sleep but it will also help you avoid being early to any important appointments or arriving to work early that day!
Employees who are not aware of daylight savings time may not arrive to work on time.
If any of your employees forget to reset their alarm clocks, they might arrive to work early that day.  Your policies still apply!  Many employee handbooks state that employees should not be at work more than 15 minutes before their scheduled shift.  You certainly do not want employees wandering around your workplace, waiting to begin working.  You also don’t want them to clock in early, and incur overtime for that day.
Clearly communicate the time change in advance. Notify your employees ahead of time so they have no excuses for showing up too early and make a point of reminding them as the date approaches. If you run a large business, make sure that the various department managers communicate this clearly to their employees in advance to avoid any unnecessary disruptions. 
Use different communication modes such as a flyer near your time clocks, via memorandum, or email. Having more than one type of communication can increase the chances that all your employees see these important notifications. E-mail notifications are usually a simple and effective way of notifying all your employees of these changes but you can combine this with other ideas like flyers and announcements during staff meetings.
Happy Fall Everyone!