Employee Integrity Hotline

Wed Jan 13 2021

ECG’s HR Integrity Hotline
Give your employees a venue to express their complaints - Offer them an "Employee Hotline" -  Employees are able to contact our office directly through a toll-free phone number to share any employee relations issue they may have.  Our HR consultants listen empathetically and document what the employee tells them.  Our experienced consultants ask pertinent and relevant questions in preparation for any potential litigation or investigation, such as the date, time, names of witnesses, etc.   Once the information is gathered, ECG contacts the client, and relays exactly the employee claim and other relevant information.
Why is it important to provide your employees with an HR Integrity Hotline?  Employees who are feeling harassed or discriminated against at work may be embarrassed to follow the company’s established steps to report such behaviors.  Often times, the company may not have a human resources department or manager, which is the person to whom the employees should report such behavior to, or it may be that the HR manager is the one doing the harassing or discriminating against that employee.  What to do?  Should we just ignore this?  What would be the consequences of ignoring this possibility?
Avoid claims from government agencies. If your employee feels as though there are no internal company solutions to remedy their problems, they might go directly to a government agency to report their claim; be it the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner (EEOC), the Department of Labor (DOL), or the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).  It would certainly be better to have an “HR Integrity Hotline,” and a call from an ECG Consultant relaying to you an employee claim, as opposed to receiving a letter from any one of these government agencies!
Just one more way ECG helps employers remain in compliance and deflect any potential claims of harassment or discrimination.
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