Employee Wellness Programs

Sun Sep 29 2019

Designed to bring employees together to share the benefits of health and fitness. The benefits of employee wellness programs are becoming more evident and as a result, an increasing number of businesses are incorporating wellness programs within their workplace. Through classes and programs which include health, nutrition, and fitness, employees are able to share the benefits of living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Programs include: yoga, cardio, dance, nutrition, and various other wellness programs that are tailored to the employees.

Show your staff that you care for their well-being. Employees who have access to wellness programs generally feel more valued within the workplace. These programs show employees that they are cared for and that their well-being is important to the company. Acknowledge your employees for their hard work and their contribution to the company by providing them with a comprehensive “wellness program”.

Increase productivity and reduce sick days. Taking part in wellness programs generally decrease one’s stress level and creates a more positive mentality. These benefits can help to reduce employees’ sick days and create a higher level of productivity. Wellness programs often enhance the functioning of the brain and can bring about more creativity and a stronger work performance. Employee wellness programs decrease absenteeism and injuries, reduce turnover rates, and improve one’s overall health and well-being.

Contact your healthcare provider; they often offer complimentary services! These services are ideal for any company size and can help to greatly improve employees’ attitudes and behaviors at work. Various healthcare providers offer companies services such as wellness programs, health assessment tools, and wellness coordinators. These programs can essentially help to reduce health care premiums and lower workplace expenses due to fewer employees experiencing work-related injuries and health problems.

Annual Health Fairs can be provided to employers at very minimal costs. Employers can contact their healthcare providers and workers compensation carriers to help organize and coordinate such an event. Your staff will appreciate your interest in their well-being!

Advertise these programs via flyers, emails and posters. Inform as many employees as you can about these programs so they can all take advantage of these services and experience the benefits that these programs have to offer. Send out email reminders to all your employees and display posters around the workplace in order to get the word out. Building a team of reliable, happy, and productive workers can drive your business to new heights.

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