Safety Tip - Ergonomics

Sun Mar 10 2019

Proper ergonomics prevent carpal tunnel, back problems, and other conditions. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common work-related condition that can be caused due to repetitive hand movements (like typing) and by working in an awkward or similar position for long periods of time. Lower back problems, upper limb problems, and neck complaints are other common work-related health problems. Proper ergonomics can easily limit and eliminate the chances of your employees being affected by these or other related conditions.

Creating a safe work environment minimizes your workers' compensation premiums. Proper ergonomics will ensure optimum health and comfort for your employees, which will invariably lead to happier workers and better work productivity. These health issues are also responsible for hundreds and thousands of worker’s compensations claims each year. By providing a safe environment, you can greatly limit these problems and save a great deal of time, effort, and money.

Your employees will appreciate you! As an employer, it is your rightful duty to educate your employees about proper sitting postures and to offer them a comfortable working environment. Happy employees mean more hard-working, appreciative, responsible, and creatively-active employees. It is essential to keep your employees happy if you wish to attract and retain competent employees. Good talent is hard to find and harder to keep in these competitive times. So; in order to get optimum results at work, you need to ensure that your employees are getting the best care.

Complimentary assessment through your workers compensation carrier. Many workers compensation and benefits companies offer complimentary assessments of your workplace environment and/or work stations. They provide this as a complimentary service to their customers… you. Call them! Find out if they can help.

How ECG can help. We have partnered with Southern California’s best ergonomic experts who have offered invaluable services to many of our clients. A thorough review of your workplace ergonomics is assessed; then guidance is provided to help you improve and implement proper safety practices and ergonomics.

Get employee feedback as to their working conditions. Before offering any solutions to your workplace safety, getting employee feedback is a seemingly small but very effective aspect in drafting a solution for your business’s workplace safety – This is our ultimate goal; to help you achieve a safe, OSHA compliant workplace for your staff.

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