Update your HR Internet and phone use policy

Mon Oct 08 2018

Much HR law and policy protect employees’ rights and privacy. Privacy and safety in the workplace are important matters and certain laws protect employees when it comes to personal information and activities (i.e., private phone conversations). The laws, however, have limited employee rights for internet usage that take place on company computers and on company time. Certain companies, in fact, have permission to monitor employees’ work phones, emails, and computers.

Still, employees should be working and not “surfing the web” while at work. Work productivity is often hindered when employees focus more on personal matters than on their work responsibilities. With today’s increasing accessibility and reliance on “smart phones” and the internet, it’s easy to get distracted. Since time is money in a work environment, it’s important to enforce policies to ensure work productivity is not negatively affected.

Security is important for all concerned – make sure your network is safe for all users. Ensuring your company’s information is secure is highly important and therefore employers should take every precaution necessary to prevent breach of privacy. By updating your company’s internet and phone use policy, you can take an active approach to preventing any viruses or hackers from accessing confidential information.

Employees should not be using cell phones for non-work purposes, ignoring your guests, your customers or their team members. Smartphones have made it easier and more convenient for employees to access non-work-related websites while at work. Disruptions from talking on the phone or surfing the web not only negatively affect productivity but can affect company morale as well. Other employees may consider this behavior inappropriate which might lead to issues in the workplace.

We can craft an internet and phone use policy that fits your specific business needs. A well-crafted policy can ensure that all your employees are aware and agree to the company’s rules and guidelines. Every company may require different policies for their internet and phone usage; we’re here to help personalize your company’s policy. Depending on the type of business you own, you may take a different approach to enforcing phone and internet usage at work.