Training & Development: Performance evaluations

Mon Sep 23 2019

Communication is vital when it comes to your employees' performance. Motivation and appreciation are two important components that lead to better productivity. Acknowledging your employee’s efforts and taking them into consideration during periodic assessments can help to boost their confidence and encourage them to continue their hard work. These evaluations are important when it comes time for promotions. Let your employees know how they are doing and provide them with constructive feedback if necessary.

Clear communication gives your employees the opportunity to improve. Communicating with your employees about their progress and work performance is essential. With clear communication, they’ll know that their performance is being noticed; they will also have the opportunity to assess their own progress and make improvements in the future if needed. With useful feedback, employees should develop professionally which can help contribute to both the employees’ and the company’s success.

Documented performance discussions protect you in the event that you need to take disciplinary action. It’s essential that you have documented proof to back up your arguments in case of any disputes in the future. It will give you leverage to better back your claims up and avoid any legal procedures as a result. Don’t just document the progress reports but also the discussions and coaching meetings.

If you do conduct formal evaluations, make sure you do so for all employees. Don’t just handpick employees for evaluations but give all employees the opportunity to be assessed on their work performance. Regardless of how new, old, qualified, or experienced the employee is, he/she should be evaluated based on their skill sets and responsibilities within the company.

Be truthful! Never “sugar coat” an evaluation. Be honest and truthful in your assessment and share that with your employee.

Allow the employee to self-evaluate. Give your employees the space and time to assess their own abilities and set goals for themselves. Allow them to see their own progress and provide feedback. The more involved the employees are in the evaluation process, the more responsible and accountable they will feel; which will invariably impact their future performance and productivity.

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