Sun January 12 2014

The importance of employee handbooks

Employee handbooks are an important and fundamental part of good HR policy. They provide a strong foundation for clearly communicating your company policies, and help protect your company against a number of potential legal challenges. At HR Executive Consulting Group, we can help you craft an employee handbook that covers all the necessary topics, while also matching your company’s specific needs and goals.

Mon January 06 2014

Employee opinion surveys

Placing a strong emphasis on employee relations is essential for maintaining a positive and productive workforce. It demonstrates that the company values its employees rather than just their work performance. Employee opinion surveys are a simple and effective way to improve employee relations and increase employee engagement by assessing the company’s performance through the eyes of their employees.

Sun December 29 2013

How we work: responsiveness

At Executive HR Consulting Group, we understand that many HR issues are time-sensitive and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Simple problems tend to escalate and grow if they are not resolved immediately. A quick response is usually essential to finding a successful solution in the work environment.

Thu December 19 2013

Maintaining a non-union environment: employee relations

Proactive and effective employee relations are critically important to maintaining a non-union work environment. Satisfied employees who feel as though their voices have been heard are less likely to seek out a third party. The best way to avoid unionization is to use positive employee relations techniques.

Wed December 11 2013

The importance of employee focus groups

Employee Focus Groups allow company management to gather ideas and feedback from employees in regards to the effectiveness of their current policies and procedures. The focus groups are often conducted after employees complete an employee opinion survey. Focus Groups are the next steps taken to ensuring that employees’ concerns are resolved.

Sat December 07 2013

Management Training 101

Management Training 101 is designed to help managers understand their role within the business as well as how to use their position to bring out the best in their employees. It’s a great training module for new supervisors and managers; a great “refresher” course for seasoned managers and executives. The following are specific topics addressed in the training course:

Sat November 30 2013

Training & development: customer service excellence

Customers are essential to a business and contribute to a business’s success and growth. Therefore, it’s important for your employees to get the proper training in order to keep customers satisfied enough to return to use your service. Customers want their concerns to be heard and resolved and it’s important to know how to respond when such a situation occurs. It’s essential that every employee who works in a customer service position has some type of formal customer service training.

Sun November 24 2013

How we work: sound guidance

At Executive HR Consulting Group, one of our main priorities is to ensure our clients are compliant with all employment laws and legislation. Employees have many fundamental rights that must be adhered to in every work environment otherwise legal action can be taken and substantial penalties or fines may be imposed to the employer.

Mon November 18 2013

The importance of timesheets

Time is money and timesheets are an essential procedure to appropriately calculate the number of hours your employees have worked. Many smaller companies will forgo implementing a timesheet procedure and conduct their payroll and attendance using an unrecorded honor system.  Regardless of the size of your company; even if you have just a very few employees, this type of unmonitored payroll system is NOT recommended.

Mon November 11 2013

Training & Development: Sexual Harassment

Harassment is a delicate, but necessary issue that should be addressed in every work environment. With proper training, managers and employees can detect when sexual harassment is taking place in the work environment and have the proper knowledge as to how to address or report such behavior.  Aside from preventing lawsuits against the company, proper training can bring awareness and sensitivity to your staff.