Mon November 11 2013

Training & Development: Sexual Harassment

Harassment is a delicate, but necessary issue that should be addressed in every work environment. With proper training, managers and employees can detect when sexual harassment is taking place in the work environment and have the proper knowledge as to how to address or report such behavior.  Aside from preventing lawsuits against the company, proper training can bring awareness and sensitivity to your staff.

Fri November 01 2013

Employee Opinion Survey

Placing a strong emphasis on employee relations is essential for maintaining a positive and productive workforce. It demonstrates that the company values its employees rather than just their work performance. Employee opinion surveys are a simple and effective way to improve employee relations and increase employee engagement by assessing the company’s performance through the eyes of their employees.

Fri October 25 2013

How We Work: Responsiveness

At Executive HR Consulting Group, we understand that many HR issues are time-sensitive and need to be addressed as soon as possible. Simple problems tend to escalate and grow if they are not resolved immediately. A quick response is usually always needed to address time-sensitive matters; we help you find sound solutions to your HR challenges.

Fri October 18 2013

Maintaining a non-union environment: Wages, benefits, and employee voice

Companies can maintain a non-union work environment simply by listening attentively and responding to their employees’ concerns. Unions, after all, are designed to represent workers who feel that they have unfair working conditions and no voice in the workplace issues.

Thu October 10 2013

HR Core Responsibilities

HR's core responsibility is to give you the peace of mind that your business is compliant with both state and federal employment law, as well as ensuring that HR best practices are followed.  It is important to understand the difference between compliance matters and HR best practices, and even more important to make sure you are following both within your business.