Avoid Promotion Discrimination

Tue Aug 17 2021

Promotion discrimination against any protected category in the workplace is against the law; eliminate liability by using HR best practices. Protected categories include race, religion, color, sexual orientation, medical conditions, etc. Employers are not allowed to discriminate against qualified employees when a promotion or hiring opportunity is available. By using HR best practices in the workplace, employers can keep a healthy work relationship with their employees and avoid potential lawsuits.

Make sure you post the position and have proper transfer request forms available for your existing employees. It is always best to promote from within if you can -- promotes employee morale. In the event that a new position opens up, make sure your employees receive prior notice about it. Provide all your employees with the opportunity to apply for the position by having the right forms available. Promoting employees who are already with the company can provide many benefits as the employee is already familiar with the company and its operations.

Have position descriptions that clearly outline the requirements, qualifications and duties of the position.  Inform interested applicants (internal and external) about what the position entails and its   requirements. A detailed description can ensure that you not only receive a high number of qualified applicants but that you also avoid discriminating based on factors other than the criteria addressed in the description. 

If an employee applies, and does not qualify, spend some time with that employee to give them tips on how to improve for the next time the position becomes available. It will show that you are interested in their career growth, promote loyalty, and increase morale. Communicate with employees regardless of whether they are offered the position or not. Let them know the reasons why they weren’t the successful candidate and give them advice on which areas they can improve on. Show applicants that you care about them -- taking the extra time to do so will create a positive image for your company; plus, it is the right thing to do!

We can help by reviewing your standard operating procedures and provide you with guidelines for HR best practices. Every company can benefit from HR best practices – It is important to establish which ones are the most effective for your company.  At Executive HR Consulting Group, we can evaluate what your current procedures are and provide you with best practices that can help increase growth and promote healthy employee relations within your organization.